Welcome to a new school year. It is my honor and privilege to be named as the new
principal of Academir Charter School West. I am honored and excited to join the
Academir Family! It is my mission as the new principal to motivate, inspire and
propel each and every member of our school family; students, educators, parents,
and community partners into places of continual excellence, collaboration and
life-long learning. I am looking forward to a great school year working together as
partners in education.

As a school it is our vision to empower each of our students with the knowledge
and leadership skills needed to make a positive difference within our global
society. The goal of the faculty and staff of Academir Charter School West (ACSW)
is to challenge our students intellectually, to encourage them to develop socially,
and to guide them towards independent thinking and problem solving. As we strive
to promote positive development in all aspects of each student's life, it is our goal
to develop a school community of respectful, responsible, and caring learners who
make good choices and decisions resulting in successful outcomes. We
encourage students to give their best, every moment of every day. We want to
instill within our students a sense of personal pride, academic responsibility, as
well as love for our school. By working together with our parents and all
stakeholders, we can build and sustain an A+ education right here in our
community at Academir Charter School West.

Olivia A. Bernal Ed. S

"Expect Excellence"
A Tuition-Free Public Charter School
Academir Charter School West
14880 SW 26 Street I Phone: 305-485-9911 I Fax: 305-485-9944