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Ms. Bernal
"Expect Excellence"
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Ms. Bernal
Olivia Bernal has over 24 years of experience in education as a teacher, curriculum
specialist, educational consultant, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Ms. Bernal
began her career as an elementary and middle school teacher for 10 years in Miami
Dade County Public Schools. She was then recruited to become a curriculum
support specialist for the district supporting middle and high school level schools

for several years. This experience led her into school administration where she
served as a School Administrator for the Office of Education Transformation in Miami
Dade County Public Schools and later transitioned to work with Charter schools. Ms.
Bernal became an Administrative Director of Compliance and Accountably in a
Charter School Organization overseeing 8 schools. During this time, she also
endeavored as an Independent Educational Consultant, where she provided
technical assistance related to the development of charter schools, curriculum and
instruction, school accountability, and compliance. During this time, she partnered
up with the Florida Charter School Alliance to provide assistance to charter schools
in the state of Florida with school improvement, management and developed the
teacher evaluation system for the State of Florida Charter Schools.

More recently Ms. Bernal has been the Principal of Academy Charter School West for
the last 6 years where she has worked continuously to improve and obtain High
Performing School Status, SACS Accreditation, National Blue-Ribbon School of
Excellence, COGNIA